December 9, 2022, at 10:00 am PT


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3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm, Reduce Stress & Produce Results that Matter

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If your entrepreneurial journey has left you overwhelmed and stressed, you are not alone, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Three easy to implement strategies can make all the difference.

By gaining clarity on what is truly important, aligning your actions and holding yourself accountable, you can minimize overwhelm, reduce stress, produce results that matter and achieve the success you desire.

Join me for the training and you’ll:


Discover how to establish goals that point to an outcome you are truly excited to strive toward

Gain insights on how to consistently evaluate, adjust, and make incremental changes that keep you moving in the right direction
Learn an accountability framework that moves beyond simple task lists to deep personal insights

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3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm,
Reduce Stress & Produce Results that Matter

Gwen Bortner is a business owner, consultant, speaker and trainer for the past 35 years. Over the years she has owned multiple consulting companies, worked as a consultant for Ernst & Young LLP, ran the IT department for a competitive phone company and became a sought-out instructor on the national knitting circuit (yup-that’s a thing). As a natural educator, regardless of the role she is in, she approaches nearly every situation as an opportunity to share knowledge and also learn in the process.

Gwen describes herself as an operational strategist. With a focus on improved business operations utilizing the GEARS framework and leveraging her breadth of expertise, Gwen works with coaches and consultants who are tired of being overwhelmed and ready create sustainable, scalable and/or sellable businesses.

I knew I needed help when recently I was in the middle of a launch and things were not going well – I was frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed. I felt out of my league, like the things that I wanted were just out of my reach, I could see them but I couldn’t get there on my own.

In a few short months, Gwen has helped me bring in a world class marketing team, redesign my business model to generate consistent revenue, and put me in my zone of genius. I can now focus on leading my business and living my business priorities, to have fun, have it be easy, have it be lucrative and make a huge impact on the members of the community and the clients I’m here to serve. With Gwen’s support, I feel like we are amazingly on the way to making all that happen.

Elena F. Deutsch, MPH

Founder and CEO, WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law

Gwen’s GEARS assessment helps me to prioritize where I need to focus in and on my business to get the results I want. It’s a fluid process, as priorities can change quarter over quarter, and having a tool to help identify in a pragmatic way takes the guesswork or ‘gut feel’ out of the process.

Deborah Bakti

Seniors Care consultant, coach, speaker and trainer, Think Breakthrough Inc.

When I started working with Gwen, I was feeling very overwhelmed with my business. I had so much to do, and was trying to do it all by myself. 

Before we started working together my concern was “how much more work would it be?” It turned out, working with Gwen gave me more time, not less time! Plus I feel less overwhelmed and have allowed myself to delegate! This has enabled me to take more time off for myself and more time to plan for the future of my business.

Nicole Serena

President & Managing Director, PSPConsult™, A Division of Waldron & Associates

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3 Strategies to Minimize Overwhelm,
Reduce Stress & Produce Results that Matter