Do you enjoy business books but struggle to apply the lessons they teach to your business or individual circumstances?

It’s a common problem, one that every business owner I know struggles with from time to time. After discussing this fact with clients a few months ago, I promised to do something about it.

That something is the Small Biz Club, which has been on ice for a few years after a successful run that ended prior to the pandemic.

The extrovert in me requires my mouth to be in motion for me to understand or retain any lessons learned. Certainly, a book club is the perfect vehicle for applying big ideas from business books to small business realities.

Why this book club and why now?

Book clubs work for me because I learn so much more from hearing others talk about what they are learning than from my own individual perspective. I think you might find the same is true for you.

Here’s how the Small Biz Book Club works:

  • We each buy and read the title of the month on our own
  • We gather together for a facilitated group discussion
  • We each leave with a plan to put our new knowledge into action

So, whether you’re a book reader or listener (like me!), the Small Biz Club can help you take theory and create a practical plan of action appropriate to your individual circumstances.

First session: Buyer First

Quote image reads: In the “book my clients have been asking me for,” Mahoney shares her revolutionary sales-success formula that draws on data from 2.2 million professional sellers, plus solid research on the psychology of decision-making and behavior change, to show you that sales isn’t something we do to others, it’s something we do with them.

For our kickoff, we will discuss Buyer First by Carole Mahoney.

I gifted this book to a few clients last quarter and the ideas it has sparked have dominated our conversations ever since. As small business owners, we can’t escape sales. Additionally, how we feel about sales affects our entire operation, even if we outsource the act of selling in our business.

In Buyer First, the author paints sales as a collaborative process between buyer and seller. Most notable is the concept that sales revolves around the buyer, not the business owner. Compelling, isn’t it?

For book club details, register online.

Once you register, you’ll be added to the entire series. You can opt out of individual sessions, according to your availability.

Here is the 2024 meeting schedule*:

*Amazon links are included above for your convenience. Consider listening to the books through a subscription service, borrowing from a friend (or your local library), or ordering from your favorite bookstore.

Gwen Bortner has spent four decades advising executives and entrepreneurs in 45+ industries. She helps women succeed in business without sacrificing happiness by identifying their true desires and aligning their business functions. She spots overlooked bottlenecks and crafts efficient plans toward sustainable success that center your values and priorities.