Is your business running like a well-oiled machine?

Or does it feel like there might be a gear or two out of alignment?

If you think of your venture like a car, business operations are the engine under the hood. And although it isn’t as sexy as the paint job or the body styling, when the engine isn’t running well, driving the car is no longer fun.

But how do you know what needs to be fixed?

The tool I created to gauge operational effectiveness for my clients is the GEARS Assessment.

This simple self-assessment takes only a few minutes to complete and helps you:

  • Make a comprehensive, high-level assessment of your business’ operations
  • Quickly evaluate operational strengths and weaknesses 
  • Narrow in on the area which requires the most attention
  • Create focus for yourself and your team to get the biggest results
  • Tune up your operational engine to ensure the best return for your operational dollar

As the daughter of an automotive technology instructor, I understand how important it is to keep everything under the hood running smoothly. As a serial entrepreneur myself, I know how difficult it is to consistently step back to see how all the parts of the business work (or don’t work) together. As a consultant with over 30 years of experience, I have worked with clients of every size across an unbelievable range of industries. All of this experience and  knowledge gets combined to create unique insights and perspectives for every conversation and engagement.

My business focus is to help successful entrepreneurs move past their business plateaus, build capacity, and create sustainable, scalable and/or sustainable business. But no matter what you are looking for in your business, the first step is always the same: Determine what is working and what is not!

Gwen’s GEARS assessment helps me to prioritize where I need to focus in and on my business to get the results I want. It’s a fluid process, as priorities can change quarter over quarter, and having a tool to help identify in a pragmatic way takes the guesswork or ‘gut feel’ out of the process.

Deborah Bakti

Seniors Care consultant, coach, speaker and trainer, Think Breakthrough Inc.

I knew I needed help when I wanted to scale my business. I was particularly stuck around my product offerings. I needed a sounding board to create infrastructure and processes that would enable us to take on a higher volume of clients.

Working with Gwen has helped me truly shift from seeing my business as just myself to seeing my business as a scalable, living entity that doesn’t need me embedded in it all the time. Thankfully! 

Rachel L. Rider

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, MettaWorks LLC

Prior to working with Gwen, my business was at a comfortable plateau. It was profitable and solid, but I knew it could grow further. 

Now I’m seeing all sorts of new potential. Gwen and I have worked together for 5 months and I’m on track to increase my business revenue by 50% this year. Which, after three years of same-ness, feels amazing!

Amber Kinney

Business Consultant, The AK Collective

Are you ready to determine which GEARS of your business needs attention?