Right now, I’m having the absolute time of my life.

I’m huddled up in Northern California’s Grand Reserve Inn with three of my clients for the inaugural Savvy Syndicate mastermind retreat.

The extended time together allows for a much deeper look into each woman’s business than is usually feasible during Zoom calls. And the unscripted time each of us has to explore the grounds in quiet contemplation makes for richer conversations when we come together for meals and hotseat sessions.

After almost 40 years in business, I have found that a problem’s root cause is rarely located in the same place where it emerges. 

A performance issue with a new hire, for instance, is rarely a sign of a bad hire or even bad management. Performance issues with new staffers usually trace back to either the hiring process or how employees are trained. Sometimes, though, the problem actually stems from decision-makers not understanding what role they really need to fill.

In each case, though, you end up with an employee struggling from Day 1 and frustrated leaders. A recipe for complete disaster.

Though you aren’t part of the Savvy Syndicate, you can benefit from my perspective into root-cause issues within your own business.

Crista Grasso recently invited me to discuss this very topic on the Lean Out Your Business podcast.

It’s not every day that I encounter a professional whose approach to business operations aligns with mine. I think you’ll find the interview to be as interesting to observe as it was for me as Crista’s guest.

You can watch our conversation on YouTube or listen through the podcast player of your choice.

Let’s grow Crista’s show!

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