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Meet the Founder

Gwen Bortner is an operational strategist and business advisor with four decades of experience in more than 45 industries. She helps women succeed in business without sacrificing happiness by identifying their true desires and aligning their business functions.

Her approach comes from the belief that personal and professional success looks different for everyone, and most business owners waste time and energy trying to conform to outside expectations and definitions of success. From finance to IT, and small business operations to academia, Gwen has seen cookie-cutter strategies put organizations on the fast track to frustration, burnout, and eventually failure. Problem-solving is her zone of genius, and Gwen can quickly discern the root cause of issues, simplify systems and processes, then create the most direct path to any given solution.

Her latest project is The Business You Really Want, a podcast for women who are ready to build a business that’s sustainable, fulfilling and aligned.

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Gwen LOVES speaking on stages, being interviewed on podcasts, and teaching workshops INSIDE memberships and programs

Gwen has led business workshops at several industry-specific conferences, such as Quilt Market International and h+h americas.

She’s also a favored guest on a business podcasts catering to female entrepreneurs, 7-figure CEOs, and retailers. Recent appearances include Small Business Conversations with Tom Shay, Prowess Project with Ashley Connell, and Lean Out Your Business with Crista Grasso.

She also enjoys adding value to membership and coaching programs as a guest expert.

Speaking Topics

Those Who Can’t, Teach:  Misunderstood Truths and Why They Matter

Have you ever invested in a coach or consultant who didn’t deliver the results you expected? Or even the ones promised? It’s almost impossible to make it very far in business without doing this at least once or twice. Most CEOs have done it more times than they can count. The goal of this session is to make sure the last time REALLY is the LAST TIME by offering you a different way to think about hiring coaches and consultants.

The Beauty of Boundaries: Your Path to Thriving

Seeking a thriving, sustainable business? Embrace boundaries. They’re your fastest route to boosted productivity, revenue, and well-being. Mastering the art of setting limits with professionalism and warmth, however, isn’t always straightforward. In this workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies for defining where you need boundaries in your life, implementing them in a non-extremist manner, and maintaining them over time. Boundaries ensure your business remains sustainable in all circumstances, time to set the stage for lasting growth.

Can’t Keep Up? 10 Tactics to Make a Difference in Your Business

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of running your business? In this workshop, you’ll learn 10 proven tactics to help you streamline your structure, optimize efficiency, and make a tangible difference in your day-to-day work. Leave with a toolkit of strategies to keep you focused, productive, and thriving, no matter what challenges come your way.

Using Numbers to Make Better Decisions (Even if You Hate Math)

Do you know your numbers or does the idea of accounting send you into hiding? Businesses are based on numbers but you don’t need a business degree to make sense of your bookkeeping and accounting. In this workshop, you’ll discover how to make data-driven decisions that are thoughtful and strategic. From understanding key metrics to analyzing trends and forecasting future performance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to use numbers as a powerful tool for growth and success. No more guesswork – let the numbers be your guide.

What Do We Want? (Why does Gwen want to speak to your people?)

As a card-carrying extrovert, Gwen LOVES meeting new and awesome people (LIKE YOU!), and she values being a resource to business owners at every stage of business. Growing a business is HARD! Why make it any harder than it has to be? Gwen’s goal is help business owners achieve sustainable access without burning out, or burining their business to the ground, to get there.

Gwen is using speaking engagements and podcast interviews to increase awareness of her brand of business development and operational strategy, which is based on what business owners really want — instead of the measures of success projected on them by others.

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Gwen also travels for in-person events about 10 times a year. To check her availability for your conference, retreat or on-site mastermind event, use the contact information listed below.

Any questions? Ask!

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That is also the email to send requests for Gwen to appear at your event. Gwen requires at least 2 months’ advance notice for in-person events. She is able to appear 15 minutes before any virtual event or speaking engagement to finalize details and perform tech checks.

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