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Gwen Bortner, Virtual Fractional (very part time) COO, consultant and speaker
Merced, California

In a world where being a specialist is often considered the “best choice”, I am a generalist. I won’t make your problem fit my predetermined solution, I have multiple ideas and approaches for every situation — it is never a one-size-fits-all answer. I love to work with my clients to identify problems, develop solutions, boost confidence, and achieve their best results.

Barriers to connection cause unnecessary headaches –
contact forms malfunction, assistant inboxes get flooded, etc.

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Even a tiny self-employed fish in a small niche-industry pond deserves the best. With Gwen’s expert guidance, I have been able to reframe my haphazard mess of freelance jobs and contract work into a smartly aligned, sharply focused business, while effortlessly turning (and enjoying) my first-ever profit.

Sarah Peasley

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