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Ensuring that your team is working efficiently and effectively to complete your most important work is vital to any team leader. But with constant distractions, interruptions, and conflicting priorities ensuring that your team is working it’s best can be challenging for any team leader.

I specialize in working with every level of staff to ensure that everyone in the department is able to complete essential and valuable work everyday.

Management Mastery

With Management Mastery, take your management skills to the ultimate level.

Bring your institutions leaders together to ensure your goals work cohesively and to the benefit of the whole community, and help your leaders manage their teams more effectively.

We’ll assess each individual’s leadership style using a number of well-established personality assessments, to create a more complete picture of each individual, and the resulting team. We’ll simplify the focus to the most important work each team should be focusing on, by setting the goals to be aimed for, the defining the projects that will move the team towards those goals, and then identifying clear priorities.

By focusing your goals, defining your projects, and identifying your priorities, we’ll be able to establish the essential metrics to be measured and create concrete evaluation periods.

Management Mastery is a 3 month long comprehensive management training package with an in-person assessment review and continual support and accountability.

The Initial Package, including personalized assessments for each team member, pre-meeting analysis, a full day of in-person training and planning, virtual status meetings every other week, weekly accountability emails, and unlimited text/email/phone support as needed – $7500

The Continued 90 Day Renewal Package, including a full day of in-person facilitated planning, virtual status meetings every other week, weekly accountability emails, and unlimited text/email/phone support as needed – $5000

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Staff Synergy

With Staff Synergy, you’ll develop the unique talents on your team to work together for maximum effectiveness.

Bring your departmental staff together to create a high performing team with clear communication, productive meetings, and achievable goals.

We’ll begin with insights into each team member both as an individual and as part of the team, understanding that there are both challenges and advantages with having different perspectives and personalities on a team.

We’ll build a solid foundation of team trust, and use that to facilitate productive team discussions, embracing disagreement and creating productive meetings. To move forward with clarity and purpose, we’ll recommit to roles with defined responsibilities and established commitments within the team. We’ll use this commitment to create a culture of accountability to and from every member of the team.

By creating an effective team we’ll clarify the goals and establish metrics for measurement, and defined evaluation periods.

Staff Synergy is a 6 month long comprehensive training package with an initial assessment for each team member, monthly training sessions, and continual support and accountability.

The Team Assessment, including individual MBTI / TypeCoach and Listening profiles for each individual, 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Teams, and Executive Team Summaries and a variety of Associated Tools – $250 per team member

The Training Package, including monthly half-day training on each module of the Staff Synergy System, virtual Q&A sessions each month, weekly accountability emails, and unlimited text/email/phone support as needed – $7500

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Personal Productivity

With Personal Productivity, team members will learn skills for making the most of their work hours.

Just as important as management and team synergy is personal productivity of each team member. Personal Productivity is designed for every individual who wants to increase their personal effectiveness individually and within a group.

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how to manage your individual tasks, prioritizing activities, creating space for deep work, minimizing interruptions, managing email effectively, and meeting individual objectives. We’ll start with tools for effectively managing email, and creating consistent organization, then tackle the finding more time in your day eliminating multitasking.

The key to prioritizing you most essential work is understanding how not to get side-tracked by urgency. We’ll utilize the concept of blocking out time on your calendar to tackle specific tasks, while remaining agile enough to handle the wildcards of a work day.

We’ll utilize the power of focused sprints to achieve mini-goals and gain momentum on your important projects.

Change is always met with resistance, especially when it comes to changing deeply ingrained productivity habits, so having effective tools at the disposal of every person on your team is priceless. 

Personal Productivity is an in-person or virtual comprehensive training to elevate each individual’s personal productivity.

The In-Person Training is a full day training on a wide variety of tools to increase individual productivity. This package includes the full day of training, plus an additional 3 months of virtual monthly Q&A sessions to help facilitate implementation – $5000

The Virtual Training is a 6 month virtual training package on the same wide variety of tools designed especially to increase each individual’s productivity. This package includes one training session per month each focused on a specific productivity tool, one Q&A session per month to help facilitate implementation, plus weekly accountability emails to help you stay on track. – $3000

Take your first step towards Personal Productivity.

I can’t emphasize this enough. I’ve worked with a number of other coaches who just want to tell you what you should do but Gwen’s gift really was in her questions and the observations she made based on how I responded. From our conversation, the pieces and the language around my offer just fell into place. It was kind of magical! I feel like I had a big breakthrough in just a short amount of time. I would absolutely recommend Gwen and would love to work with her again.

Julie Young

Leadership Development Consultant, In-Sight Leadership Solutions

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The best part of my experience working with Gwen is the ideas we generated that I would not have thought of myself… She doesn’t position herself as a know-it-all because every business is unique, and industries are always changing, but she always bases her recommendations on her considerable expertise and experience.

Margaret Marcuson

Author, "Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry" and "Money and Your Ministry"