Quarterly Tune Up

Are you ready to propel your business forward with intention?
Or do you want to keep drifting?

The #1 strategy for driving your business toward your desired future is quarterly planning coupled with personal accountability. You probably already know this to be true. But actually implementing it in your own business can be challenging.

If you are ready to drive your business toward your personal vision of success, you need to commit to the Quarterly Tune-Up.

2022 Dates:

Q1: January 5th and 6th

Q2: April 6th and 7th

Q3: July 6th and 7th

Q4: October 6th and 7th

Daily Schedule: 

10AM-1PM Pacific | 1PM-4PM Eastern

As part of the Quarterly Tune-up you will:


Work through a comprehensive quarterly review and planning process with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs


Identify your top priorities for the next three months and leave with a plan to get them done without putting everything off to the end of the quarter.


Receive 13 weeks of non judgmental accountability and micro-coaching from an interested but unbiased expert.

Commit to the Quarterly Tune-Up and Start Driving Your Business Forward

(No More Always Feeling Behind!)

Gwen Bortner is a business owner, consultant, speaker and trainer for the past 35 years. Over the years she has owned multiple consulting companies, worked as a consultant for Ernst & Young LLP, ran the IT department for a competitive phone company and became a sought-out instructor on the national knitting circuit (yup-that’s a thing). As a natural educator, regardless of the role she is in, she approaches nearly every situation as an opportunity to share knowledge and also learn in the process.

Gwen describes herself as an operational strategist. With a focus on improved business operations utilizing the GEARS framework and leveraging her breadth of expertise, Gwen works with coaches and consultants who are tired of being overwhelmed and ready create sustainable, scalable and/or sellable businesses.

The weekly questions encourage me to make progress on my goals week after week, and have also helped me get a clearer vision on what I want from my business. 

Prior to working with Gwen, I did try to do regular reflection in my business, but it was all too easy to skip weeks and get out of the habit. Gwen gives nonjudgmental nudges

Pamela Schultz

Owner, Fiber Sprite

I work a lot with my clients about business planning, and Gwen has helped me plan for my business, instead just for my clients. Quarterly planning has made a big difference in focusing on the important work! I went from 5 figure proposals to 6 figure proposals in 6 months! Now she is challenging me to take more time off in 2022!

Nicole Serena

President & Managing Director, PSPConsult™, A Division of Waldron & Associates

Gwen’s GEARS assessment helps me to prioritize where I need to focus in and on my business to get the results I want. It’s a fluid process, as priorities can change quarter over quarter, and having a tool to help identify in a pragmatic way takes the guesswork or ‘gut feel’ out of the process.

Deborah Bakti

Seniors Care consultant, coach, speaker and trainer, Think Breakthrough Inc.

Invest in Your Business and Yourself,
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