Finding just the right speakers is the key to creating and hosting an exceptional event.

It seems like everybody can offer a keynote these days, but do you just want a keynote or do you really desire something more. As a speaker and trainer focused in the area of professional development, my primary goal is to provide your audience with highly actionable content, delivered in an engaging and accessible manner.

My goal in every aspect of my business is to spark the “light bulb moment” – when things click together and you move from thinking about making plans to taking effective action towards your goal.


I speak on a wide variety of topics related to business, productivity, and leadership, primarily around effective management and clear communications. The reality is talking inspirationally is only the first step of the equation. Learning only has value when it translates into forward motion. As such, my aim is to spark that light bulb moment and then translate it into tangible actions.

My most requested talks are:

  • Practical Project Management – Although some projects require “formal” project management, many of our day-to-day activities and smaller projects could benefit from project management as well. The good news is you don’t have to be certified or need fancy tools to create routinely successful projects.
  • Every Type is Right (TypeCoach) – For decades, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) has been a standard in the assessment world measuring four key areas of personality. TypeCoach takes the eight preferences associated with MBTI and leverages the insights to drive effective outcomes. Our differences can be challenging to our interactions, but as personality types are shared and understood, the unique value that each person brings to the table can be both acknowledged and leveraged to the benefit of the entire organization.
  • Improving Communications: Can you hear me now? – Communication is a two-way street. However, speaking (the most obvious element), is actually not the most important part of the equation. Listening is! By gaining insight into your own personal listening preferences as determined by the Personal Listening Profile®, an individual can begin to understand how their preferences impact the overall conversation.


I started public speaking at the ripe age of 13 when I wrote and gave the sermon for my church. Since then I’ve presented to over 1,000 groups large and small on a wide variety of topics including: software best practices, business finances, effective management, productivity, personal motivation, skills development and spiritual inspiration. I’ve been told my presentation style is casual, yet dynamic, both focused and fun.

My passion is teaching. I considers every time I’m in front of a group as an opportunity to teach. Whether teaching through the local community education program or at a national event, meeting new people and sharing knowledge and experience is one of my greatest joys.

Every talk is an opportunity to not only inspire but also to teach and train. Regardless of if I’m talking to a small group of executives, or the whole staff, a conference room full of knitters, or the congregation of my church, I always focus on giving the audience an actionable takeaway that they can start implementing the moment they walk out the door.

“Gwen is a knowledgeable, energetic, engaging teacher who explains things clearly, answered questions well and kept the attention of the class.”

“Knowledgeable instructor and extremely good communicator.  Excellent instructional techniques.”

“Gwen was an excellent instructor, very helpful, fun and entertaining.  I can’t wait to take another class with her.”

Offerings & Rates

Part of being effective is to keep things as simple as possible. As such, my pricing is all inclusive. No haggling over flight costs, no tracking down and copying a million receipts. Once we agree to a fee there should be no unknown expenses.

Fees will vary based on the travel required and time commitment at the event. But for budgeting purposes you can use the following guidelines:

  • One topic / day – $2000
  • Two topics / day – $3000
  • Travel day – $1000

Discuss your specific event

Rarely have I had a presenter come in and engage everyone in the room, but Gwen did. … Gwen was able to put together a dynamic “project management” workshop to help us better communicate and “own” projects at all levels so everything can move forward smoothly. I particularly appreciated Gwen’s ability to make a relatively “boring” subject interesting, relevant, and engaging.

Chris Vitelli

Superintendent/President, Merced College