with Gwen Bortner


Every First and Third Thursday

1:30 pm PT / 4:30 ET

Have you felt a light flicker when you’ve read a book or a quote, listened to a podcast, talked with someone who challenged you, or when you were just thinking to yourself?

That is A Spark!

A spark can ignite the fuel that creates energy that propels a gas-powered engine BUT sometimes we need A Spark to move us forward in our professional and personal lives.

Want to share The Spark that has moved you forward? 

Want to hear about other people’s Spark?

Then join me so I can tell you about some of the resources that have recently inspired me and you can share the resources that have inspired you.

It’s free! It’s casual! It’s like getting a review on a new resource, but better — because you can ask questions!

Gwen Bortner is a business owner, consultant, speaker and trainer for the past 35 years. Over the years she has owned multiple consulting companies, worked as a consultant for Ernst & Young LLP, ran the IT department for a competitive phone company and became a sought-out instructor on the national knitting circuit (yup-that’s a thing). As a natural educator, regardless of the role she is in, she approaches nearly every situation as an opportunity to share knowledge and also learn in the process.

Gwen describes herself as an operational strategist. With a focus on improved business operations utilizing the GEARS framework and leveraging her breadth of expertise, Gwen works with coaches and consultants who are tired of being overwhelmed and ready create sustainable, scalable and/or sellable businesses.