When I started working with Gwen, I was feeling very overwhelmed with my business. I had so much to do, and was trying to do it all by myself. 

Before we started working together my concern was “how much more work would it be?” It turned out, working with Gwen gave me more time, not less time! Plus I feel less overwhelmed and have allowed myself to delegate! This has enabled me to take more time off for myself and more time to plan for the future of my business.

I love how Gwen challenges me to do what needs to be done. When I first started working with Gwen, she told me I needed to hire an Executive Assistant immediately. Within 6 months, I had done it, and wondered why it took me so long to take this next step. 

Gwen also helped me focus on the areas of my business where I am a true expert and once I did, I was amazed at how fast my business levelled up. New clients started showing up and these were for longer term projects and more future business. 

I work a lot with my clients about business planning, and Gwen has helped me plan for my business, instead just for my clients. Quarterly planning has made a big difference in focusing on the important work! I went from 5 figure proposals to 6 figure proposals in 6 months! Now she is challenging me to take more time off in 2022!

I would say, hire Gwen immediately and watch your business grow while you find more time for yourself!

Nicole Serena

President & Managing Director, PSPConsult™, A Division of Waldron & Associates

I knew I needed help when I wanted to scale my business. I was particularly stuck around my product offerings. I needed a sounding board to create infrastructure and processes that would enable us to take on a higher volume of clients.

One early, unexpected win was effectively on-boarding two new coaches – broadening my product offerings from offering only coaching by me to include coaching from my other coaches.

Working with Gwen has helped me truly shift from seeing my business as just myself to seeing my business as a scalable, living entity that doesn’t need me embedded in it all the time. Thankfully! 

I get to take maternity leave, still make money and feel ok stepping away all because of Gwen’s help!

Rachel L. Rider

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, MettaWorks LLC

I kind of always knew I needed help. I am a Creative with a degree in Graphic Design and never took a business course. The evolution of my business has left me as sole owner, and I have always just had to “figure it out.” I didn’t think I was doing TOO badly. But when Gwen tracked me down and gave me a book to read about Visionaries and Integrators, it all clicked. It helped define who I was and what I needed. 

I am learning that many of the traits I thought were negatives are actually what is making me successful. I just needed Gwen to help me define my SuperPowers, and what I should NOT be doing in my business. That has helped grow my confidence and squash the negative voices in my head.

My inventory tracking used to be all visual, labor intensive and not accurate. I thought barcodes were something way off in the future for us because we are so small. We make our own product, so if I need more, I just make more! Gwen is showing me that I can be much more sophisticated than that. Once I wrapped my head around it and started barreling forward, we integrated barcodes into our system without too much bloodshed. That feels empowering!

Gwen has been transforming my business from a small cottage industry to a professional company. I am beginning to envision myself as a CEO and shed the insecurities of past partnerships. I am embracing the wins and am damn proud of how far I have come!

Karla Overland

Owner, Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics

Prior to working with Gwen, my business was at a comfortable plateau. It was profitable and solid, but I knew it could grow further. 

Now I’m seeing all sorts of new potential. Gwen and I have worked together for 5 months and I’m on track to increase my business revenue by 50% this year. Which, after three years of same-ness, feels amazing!

Amber Kinney

Business Consultant, The AK Collective

When I decided to hire Gwen, I felt she could help me get unstuck. As a visionary, I love coming up with ideas. Then I lose steam when it comes to the execution.

I appreciate having Gwen as a sounding board, as a partner that I can check in with in order to ensure that I’m continuing to be motivated and excited in my business. The way I look at it, Gwen is helping me have the clarity I need to build the business I want.

The other thing I really value in Gwen is that she is not attached to a certain approach. Consultants that I’ve previously worked with have their program, and unfortunately it does not always fit with every single business owner’s business model. Gwen pulls from all of the knowledge that she has, taking a tool from here and perhaps some learning from there, to make it work in my specific niche market. 

If you’re looking to have a higher level of clarity, and you want to be able to channel your energy to what matters, I would highly recommend working with Gwen.

Deborah Bakti

Seniors Care consultant, coach, speaker and trainer, Think Breakthrough Inc.

I knew I needed help when recently I was in the middle of a launch and things were not going well – I was frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed. I felt out of my league, like the things that I wanted were just out of my reach, I could see them but I couldn’t get there on my own.

Since I’ve started working with Gwen I don’t feel alone anymore in my business. She is thinking about me and my business, she is in the room with me, and I feel like I’ve got a partner who’s got the skills, the strengths and the perspective I need to get where I want to go.

In a few short months, Gwen has helped me bring in a world class marketing team, redesign my business model to generate consistent revenue, and put me in my zone of genius. I can now focus on leading my business and living my business priorities, to have fun, have it be easy, have it be lucrative and make a huge impact on the members of the community and the clients I’m here to serve. With Gwen’s support, I feel like we are amazingly on the way to making all that happen.

Elena F. Deutsch, MPH

Founder and CEO, WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law

The biggest insight I’ve had from answering the weekly questions is that goals aren’t met overnight, but with steady and sustained action

The weekly questions encourage me to make progress on my goals week after week, and have also helped me get a clearer vision on what I want from my business. 

Prior to working with Gwen, I did try to do regular reflection in my business, but it was all too easy to skip weeks and get out of the habit. Gwen gives nonjudgmental nudges

Gwen also offers an interested but unbiased set of eyes and ears. It’s really helpful when she occasionally pops in with a useful perspective or idea that hadn’t occurred to me, or reaffirms that I’m heading in the right direction. 

Pamela Schultz

Owner, Fiber Sprite

Take your first steps towards everyday effectiveness

The best part of my experience working with Gwen is the ideas we generated that I would not have thought of myself.

I appreciate the way she brings what she is learning and applying in other businesses (her other client’s businesses and also her own) to our conversations. She doesn’t position herself as a know-it-all because every business is unique, and industries are always changing, but she always bases her recommendations on her considerable expertise and experience.

As I told my friend Meg Hess, “Gwen helps me think about how to implement new business ideas and execute them, and stay on track.”

Margaret Marcuson

Author, "Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry" and "Money and Your Ministry"

A couple months ago I started working with Gwen through her Momentum Builder consulting package. Before the Momentum Builder, I had taken classes from Gwen at TNNA, implemented what she taught and seen many improvements in my business. So I knew going in that Gwen knows what she’s talking about, is a patient teacher, and is never afraid to tell you when your idea is a bad one – all of which continued to hold true in our one on one consulting.

My goals were to move my business to the next level, manage employees more effectively, and grow personally as a shop owner. We identified key areas for improvement, including working through an organizational chart to see how everything fits together. I’ve found myself calmer, more patient with customers, delegating more responsibility to my employees, and more easily able to tackle problems as they arise.

I came out of this knowing that I’m good at what I do, and also, there is always room for improvement. This is the best thing I ever did for myself and my business!

Susan Post

Owner, A Good Yarn Sarasota