Travel in this day and age can be challenging, there is no doubt. But as with most things, attitude makes a whole lot of difference.

People often complain about having to travel, especially when much of their travel is associated with work. I average about 75,000 airline miles every year, so I could be one of those folks.  But instead, let me share why I like traveling for work.

  1. The face above is the face that greets me every time I leave and every time I get home.  Short trip or long trip, it is always the same warm, happy welecome.
  2. I get to meet lots of interesting people in my travels. Some are very short-lived acquaintances and others become life-long friends, but there is always at least one person that is truly memorable. (Ask me some time about the porn star — it is a great story).
  3. Airplane/airport time is actually really good knitting time with just the tiniest bit of planning. And although it is part of my job, I find it harder to make time to knit when I am at home versus when I am on the road.
  4. Even though I am usually very busy while I am on the road, I still often get treated to a little bit of the local flavor. Because I like experiencing new things this really is a fun part of the trip.
  5. Traveling so much means that most of my travel (work or pleasure) includes some level of perks and upgrades. I learned a number of years back, if you are going to travel much, travel a lot – because the upgrades really make a difference.

And so I am off again. Between now and the end of the month I will only be home 9 days.  But that is okay, because I know traveling for work can also be fun!!