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When I started working with Gwen, I was feeling very overwhelmed with my business. I had so much to do, and was trying to do it all by myself. 

Before we started working together my concern was “how much more work would it be?” It turned out, working with Gwen gave me more time, not less time! Plus I feel less overwhelmed and have allowed myself to delegate! This has enabled me to take more time off for myself and more time to plan for the future of my business.

I love how Gwen challenges me to do what needs to be done. When I first started working with Gwen, she told me I needed to hire an Executive Assistant immediately. Within 6 months, I had done it, and wondered why it took me so long to take this next step. 

Gwen also helped me focus on the areas of my business where I am a true expert and once I did, I was amazed at how fast my business levelled up. New clients started showing up and these were for longer term projects and more future business. 

I work a lot with my clients about business planning, and Gwen has helped me plan for my business, instead just for my clients. Quarterly planning has made a big difference in focusing on the important work! I went from 5 figure proposals to 6 figure proposals in 6 months! Now she is challenging me to take more time off in 2022!

I would say, hire Gwen immediately and watch your business grow while you find more time for yourself!

Nicole Serena

President & Managing Director, PSPConsult™, A Division of Waldron & Associates