I kind of always knew I needed help. I am a Creative with a degree in Graphic Design and never took a business course. The evolution of my business has left me as sole owner, and I have always just had to “figure it out.” I didn’t think I was doing TOO badly. But when Gwen tracked me down and gave me a book to read about Visionaries and Integrators, it all clicked. It helped define who I was and what I needed. 

I am learning that many of the traits I thought were negatives are actually what is making me successful. I just needed Gwen to help me define my SuperPowers, and what I should NOT be doing in my business. That has helped grow my confidence and squash the negative voices in my head.

My inventory tracking used to be all visual, labor intensive and not accurate. I thought barcodes were something way off in the future for us because we are so small. We make our own product, so if I need more, I just make more! Gwen is showing me that I can be much more sophisticated than that. Once I wrapped my head around it and started barreling forward, we integrated barcodes into our system without too much bloodshed. That feels empowering!

Gwen has been transforming my business from a small cottage industry to a professional company. I am beginning to envision myself as a CEO and shed the insecurities of past partnerships. I am embracing the wins and am damn proud of how far I have come!

Karla Overland

Owner, Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics