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My goal for 2013 is to expand my current knitting instruction business into a much broader market of consulting, speaking and training for independent businesses. My tag line is Teach-Train-Talk, thus the name of my website for the blog portion of this new venture. I have also set up a new business blog and website, which you’re reading now!

This is not my first business venture, and I am not particularly trepidatious about it, but taking the first step has been rather difficult. On any journey, the planning part can be rather exciting and fun as the possibilities are nearly limitless. But as you get closer to your departure date, choices have to be made and plans have to finalized. And even though you can be flexible throughout the journey, some decisions will not be able to be undone.

And so this post is my symbolic first step into this new business venture: the creation of a new business blog. There are many questions that remain unanswered, but that is always the case with any dynamic business adventure. There are also several things that still need to be done (like getting the web site up and ready to go)! But if I try to wait until everything is “just right,” I have very little hope of meeting my 2013 goal.

Via Flickr by David N Cooper
Via Flickr by David N Cooper

As I begin this journey I know that I will meet some amazing people along the way, because it is the one thing I can count on in any of my exploits — personal or professional. I am confident that learning will be had — sometimes for me, sometimes for you and often for us both. But most importantly I understand that the journey (the process) is just as important as the destination (the goal) and the only way to begin is to take the first step.

As my first step happens today, with my first blog post, I look forward to helping others with their first step (or 37th step) in whatever business ventures they have planned. And because my experiences have shown that every adventure is better when it is shared, I hope you come along side me as this journey begins and develops. Add me to your blog reader or subscribe via e-mail and have me come directly to your inbox.

The future possibilities are so exciting!! There is no telling what wondrous treasures we will find!