Read any of the most popular thought leaders of the day and they will talk about finding your tribe; what they mean is that you should surround yourself with people who understand you and want to be part of the things that you share with the world. It’s easy enough to say, but doing it is not as easy as they make it sound.

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In the journey toward finding my tribe, the questions that come to mind are numerous. Who is a part of my tribe? How do I find others that are in my tribe? And the fears: what if I am alone? What if I wind up being a tribe of one?
Last evening I was re-reading Wrecked For the Ordinary: A Manifesto for Misfits by Jeff Goins. (You can get a copy here). Jeff’s premise is that the moment you realize that you are called to do something more or different, you are wrecked: you are no longer satisfied with the status quo. Something has to change and it is your responsibility to make that happen.

My realization: I have been wrecked! Maybe not in the big I am going to change the world way. But then again, it might be a little too early to tell. Maybe I will be changing the world. At least I am pretty sure I will be changing MY world.

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I love my current role and many would rightly argue that I already have a great tribe in the knitting/fiber community. However, I have to disagree to some degree: while my knitting-based tribe is wonderful, I also believe that my tribe is both more general and yet more specific at the same time. My message feels like it is meant for a larger audience than the one to which I currently belong. Larger than fiber folk or the craft industry. Although I am sure that some of the folks I seek are also part of this community.

I believe that my gifts and skills have been and are being honed for a greater purpose. That I have a message that is meant for more people that those involved in the hobby industry. Do I say this because I believe that I am somehow “better”? Is this being driven by a want for “more”? No. It is because I feel wrecked!

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And so I continue to struggle with understanding, “who is my tribe?”

As a woman of action, instead of continuing to agonize about these questions, I am going to DO something. I’d like to start by seeing if any of you are or know people who are part of my tribe. My vision of my tribe is not yet perfectly clear, and it is highly likely this will continue to evolve and change. But here is what I know for now:

My tribe members are passionate about the things that they do and the knowledge they possess. Sharing their skills and knowledge to enrich the lives of others is critical to their purpose and their joy. They know that information held goes stale while information shared (in whatever form) creates even more understanding for themselves and for others. To that end, developing skills, growing their knowledge and increasing their resources for effective communication is fundamental to their success.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so, I would love to have you (or them) come be a part of my tribe. My email list is small (some might call it exclusive). But exclusivity is not my goal. This list is for the “right” people, many or few, to have access to the knowledge and resources they need so they can continue to grow their own tribes in their areas of passion.

So I am asking for your help: Help me find my tribe. Sign up for my email list. Forward this post to a friend so THEY can sign up. Share it on your social networks with the buttons below. I am ready to begin the conversation – I just need help finding other tribe members who want to be a part of it!